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    Labuan Bajo, Flores island - Indonesia

    Flores island indonesia

    Flores is an island of Indonesia located south east of Indonesia or east part of Bali. Flores include some small island covering around administratively on East Nusa Tenggara province is one largest island province in Indonesia. Flores was under the Portuguese and Dutch colonialism influenced to the peoples today. Flores with an area 14.300 square kilometers with length 650 kilometers from east to west and around 40 kilometers from north to south which is covered by rain forest on the mountain area and monsoon forest on low land. Geographically covered by mountains and hilly along the land where highly difficulty cross between one to other region. According to census 2011 total population 2.400.000 spread out of the island. Mostly peoples are living on slope of the mountain where most of them working as farmer. On history of Flores island, specifically to the prior colonialism that peoples were migrated from China land crossed through Sumatera, Borneo, Java, Bali, Lombok and Sumbawa island on Seventh century. In the west part of the island mostly land is covered by rain forest making high rain yearly than east part of Flores island. West Flores is growth with fertilize plant giving agriculture become biggest sector in the province.
    Peoples mostly working as farmer and the rest fishermen, trader, private and government office. Since Flores island well-known as one of tourism destination in Indonesia with unique nature, culture, tradition, hand weaving, marine life and other interesting or tourist attraction then slowly some people work in tourism sector.

    Flores is one of most wonder of Indonesia tourism and become one of main tourist destination since 2000 until today where traffic of transportation both of air and sea. Supported by daily flight connection from Bali and other part of Indonesia making the island of Flores become a favorites attraction and would be a world tourism destination in the future. Nature is giving high contribution of tourist attraction after culture, tradition, hand weaving, peoples and way of life. Geography with mountainous and hilly covering all the land making one most wonder and mysterious of nature that can't find to other part of Indonesia archipelago. Kelumutu lake is one of world dramatic sight and wonder of nature with Three different color each crater that is red, blue and white. The color is changed any time give most dramatic to learn. Kelimutu lake with an area 5000 hectares is one of National Park in Indonesia which more than 100 kind of flora and faunas become research place on driest tropical area with some endemic bird can be found.
    Flores highlight tourist attractions:
    - Kelimutu national park = Three colored lake and endemic birds
    - Bena traditional village and hand weaving
    - Riung 17 island
    - Maumere bay for marine life = diving and snorkeling
    - Easter day celebration in east Flores
    - Active volcanoes = trekking and watching birds
    - ARAK distillation
    - Wae Rebo primitive village and local community
    - Todo traditional house and mysterious of women skin
    - Caci fighting dance and Etu traditional boxing are calender events annually

    Tours to Flores island.
    Today Flores can be connected with daily flight from Bali by 2 gate way served with some flight.
    = Maumere town: is the gate way to east part of Flores island where mega Tours offer Flores island trip started from this town and ending in Labuan Bajo west part of Flores island. We recommend for tour to Flores island should be started from Maumere town to cover all place to visit on the island.
    = Labuan Bajo town: is the biggest gate way to Flores island located at western part. Labuan Bajo town is one most tourist attraction in Indonesia which is the only gate way to visit Komodo national park. Today Komodo airport of Labuan Bajo connected by 5 flight a day from Bali and more than 6 flight connecting to other part of Indonesia.
    Fore more information visit our official site:
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    Flores island tour operator and travel company offers; Indonesia tours to the island of Komodo national park, Flores, Bali and Lombok.
    We offer Indonesia tour focused to Komodo national park and the island of Flores started from Bali or Lombok.
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