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    Malalayang Beach, Enjoy the Sunset View in Manado

    Malalayang Beach of Manado, North Sulawesi, is a beautiful marine tourist attraction to visit. Malalayang beach is only about five miles from the center of Manado. Malalayang beach has a variety of beauty, charm, especially the underwater beauty of the park. Coral reefs are natural so special attraction for people who come to dive in this place. Many visitors prefer to enjoy the panoramic beach at the noon. Because the view of Manado downtown is seemed like color light. And the favorite view are we can enjoy the sunset moment view while you are sitting around the beach.

    The types of fish are some typical waters of Sulawesi have been rare in Malalayang beach. If you would like diving, visitors do not need to pay more because there is the diving spots near the shore. However, this Malalayang beach a tourist attraction that is endangered associated with the development of a business area with plans for coastal reclamation in this area.

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