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    Gunung Nyawe Waterfall, the Hidden Beauty Waterfall in Lahat

    Lahat regency of South Sumatra have at least 76 waterfalls were breathtaking and deserve to add the list of excursions. One of them is Gunung Nyawe Waterfall. It is a beauty natural and still hidden waterfall in Lahat regency.

    Gunung Nyawe Waterfall in Lahat, the local communities refer to the waterfall with "cuhup" or "Curup". Therefore, not surprisingly, if generally the locals call Cuhup Gunung Nyawe. This waterfall has a height of about 90 meters, the waterfall is very attractive eye. Because the strands of water falling down a smooth, clear white and not too heavy. While the wall or marl, which is patterned yellow varied give the impression of color contras, to the more interesting, especially when for the background photo.

    Not only that, in some wall waterfall section also grows, wild green plantation. Interestingly, most of the wild plantation are grow behind the waterfall. Not only that, when your eyes start heading down big rocks waiting for the pounding waterfalls to break up water droplets radiating in different directions. Besides surrounded by large stone is often used as a visitor to relax and take pictures, there are also trees which adds to the beauty of the waterfall area.

    Gunung Nyawe Waterfall in the village of Talang Sejemput, Penang district, Lahat regency, or about 40 minutes from the City Lahat reached by car, access to the location is very good.

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    wow! this is beautiful!
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