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    Grojogan Sewu or Coban Sewu, Attractive Waterfall in Pujon - Malang

    Malang is prestigious to the nature tourism object. This is because some areas in Malang is the plateau, such as city of Batu, Pujon and Ngantang. This plateaus in Malang, you will find several tourist attractions such as waterfalls or named Coban in Java language. One of them is Grojogan Sewu Waterfall or Coban Sewu.

    Travel oversight Grojogan Sewu or Coban Sewu Tretes is situated in Tretes sub-village, Bendosari village, Pujon district, Malang. From Malang is approximately 53 km. This waterfall is located not far from the highway that connects Batu to Kediri. From the main road, Grojogan Sewu was apparent because it is only about 100 m from the highway. If from Malang, its position is on the left side of the highway, for about 1 km before Ngeprih bridge.

    For visitors who want to visit this Grojogan sewu, it is available public transportation from the city of Malang majoring in Kediri. It’s name is similar to Grojogan Sewu in Karanganyar, Central Java. However, Grojogan Sewu waterfall is also known by the name of Coban Sewu.
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