In the South of Malang, there on the beautiful beach named Bajul Mati Beach. This beach on the cluster of Goa Cina and Sendang Biru beach. Located approximately 58 kilometers to the south from Malang downtown. Precisely in Bajul Mati sub-village, Gajah Rejo village, Gedangan district of Malang regency.

Bajul Mati beach has beautiful attraction of many gulf. Beside presenting the natural charm of the southern ocean, Bajul Mati also known as a unique beach. As the name Bajul Mati which means dead crocodile, at this beach you can see some of the hills cluster opposite the beach which is visible from a distance like a dead crocodile. The beach is very clean and natural.

The beach is still quiet of visitors, there are only a few shops selling snacks around the coast, because of this beach management inaugurated in 2011. Many visitors come to this beach on weekends and holidays. Even in August every year this beach held procession of Larung Ketupat, as gratitude to the universe.

Bajul Mati beach is located 58 kilometers to the south of Malang city, or about 10 minutes from Goa China beach. If you want to go to Bajul Mati beach, it should pass Turen, Sumbermanjing Wetan. Road the access to the beach is very good and the visitors will be presented with a view of Malang mountains.