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    Bada Valley or Napu Valley in the Part of Lore Lindu National Park

    Bada Valley or Napu Valley is located at remote area at Poso Regency, it is part of Lore Lindu National Park Central Sulawesi, Indonesia, and its one of remote tourism object at Sulawesi Island. These unique landscape which is totally different from the others tourism object at Sulawesi, contains hundreds of megaliths going back to about 14th century.

    Central Sulawesi offers Bada valley, administratively, this valley is included into South Lore sub district which is centered in Gintu Village, lies west of the town of Tentena. At first sight, you will catch the landscape of Lariang River and green hills surround the valley. The river has strong current that many rafters challenge them selves to raft against the wild current.

    Bada valley can be assumed as a historical site as well because ancient stones from Megaliths period are spreading in front of your sight. Moreover, many human like statues are found on the site, those statues are highly and carefully carved. But it will be impossible for you to get details about those statues because all information about the statues remains a mystery.

    The Bada Valley is world famous for its prehistoric relics from an ancient Megaliths culture. Dozens of finely carved megaliths dating between 1,000 – 5,000 years old are scattered across the valley. A mysterious, yet magnificent testament to the skill and genius of a civilization that we know absolutely nothing about.

    Peacefulness seems to be the main thing Bada Valley tries to present. The beautiful harmony established between its local inhabitants with the nature produces another harmonic ecosystem. The ecosystem is well managed and this can be the reason why many tourists expect to come back for more. To reach Bada valley, you should endure four hour land trip, but you should seriously careful since the road is in poor conditions and there is risk of erosive ground along the way. Maybe taking a local guide who has a sufficient knowledge about the area with you can help you to know the dangerous spots in order for safer trip.
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