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    Langkisau Hill, the Stunning Landscape in Painan City

    Langkisau Hill is the mainstay tourism of Painan city. Located in the west coast of Sumatera island, Painan is famous with its gorgeous hill of Langkisau and the islands nearby like Cingkuak Island (or Monkey Island), Carocok Island, Karabak Island, and Cubadak Island.

    Langkisau Hill stunning landscape has become alternative destination. The natural beauty on the peak Langkisau Hill will even look more beautiful, at sunset and sunrise. The hill-top has a height of approximately 400 meters. Heading to the peak of Langkisau you can use the vehicle, because the road was paved. It is certainly easier, tourists come to the top of the Langkisau Hill. Arriving at the parking area, you still have to walk about 25 meters up the stairs to the top of Hill

    Besides known for its beautiful natural scenery, Langkisau Hill also known as one of the paragliding arena is most visited by domestic and foreign Gliders. Various Paragliding sport activities have often been held in Langkisau.

    For those of you who love the old trees, there is a three-hundred years old tree. You can go to the slopes of the Langkisau Hill. To explore the tree you need a guide who understands the ins and outs of the plant in Langkisau Hill. In addition to sports aerospace area, Langkisau Hill has also been equipped with facilities such as flying-fox outbound, as well as food and hawker stalls. Local residents also provide lodging for tourists who want to spend the night here. At its peak there is parking area that has been set and also a small garden with gazebo as a place to sit around enjoying the scenery.

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    How to Reach Bukit Langkisau / Langkisau Hill?

    Bukit Langkisau can be reached through airplane to the capital city, Padang. About 2 hours driving to Painan city to southwest of Padang. From there, in 15 minutes you can take taxi-motorcycle (the local call them Ojek) or renting a car to explore Bukit Langkisau.

    But, where’s the fun if we’re taking motorbike or car? No worries, you can also walk or ride a bike to explore the landscape. The natural panorama of trees and the beauty of Indian Ocean will captivate you on your adventure to Bukit Langkisau.

    Images: www.fotografer.net

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