Takabonerate National Park is the one of the best marine tourism object at South Sulawesi Province, locates at Selayar Island Regency in the Flores Sea, South of Sulawesi island, Indonesia. Takabonerate National Park well know as underwater paradise for Diving or Snorkeling and its was famous both foreign tourists and domestic tourists.

Takabonerate meaning "coral islands over sand" is the biggest atoll in Indonesia, and the third biggest in the world after Kwajifein Atol in the Marshal Islands and the Suvadiva Atol in the Maldives, the area of Takabonerate National Park which consists of the atoll islands and surrounding marine area was granted as National Park Protection status in about 1992.

Actually Takabonerate National Park is in a very remote location, consist of Tiger Islands (about 14 islands) and Passi Tallu Islands (about 7 islands), thats why some people call it as Tiger Islands and Gold Reef, most of these islands is the configuration between the atolls with white sand, the atolls consists of a chain of islands of dry coral and a large flat sunken reef, forming a large number of islands. The coral islands are interspersed by narrow, deep, sheer-walled straits. On the coral flats there are small, deep pools surrounded by coral reefs. At low tide, dry land is clearly visible, dotted by water flooding into the small pools, its look great and beautiful.

The park is a paradise for diver as the atoll which is rich in coral reef and sea grass ecosystem offering some very good wall diving. The view underwater is offering attractive spot dives, including drop off- spot dive in some places. The waters inside the atoll are magnificent turquoise, surrounded by the deepest blue imaginable.