Bunta Island is located in Peukan Bada region, Aceh Besar. What so special about this island is its forest ecosystem which is still very natural and unique. Here you will see a lot coconut trees growing on hillsides rather than other trees that usually grow in the forest. Despite the so many coconut trees, you will not find any monkey, animal that usually live around coconut trees in Sumatra island. Instead, you will only see a lot of cattles. The majority of the population on Bunta island, however, are fishermen. Bunta Island is surrounded by several other islands like Batee or Batu island in the east. On the right side you can see a Ujung Pancu mountain, Bunta island is situated right across Nasi island.

Bunta Island has a lot of beauty that can be enjoyed such as a stretch of white sandy beach. There is another beach scaterred with plenty of red small rocks and another beach with big rocks. Bunta island's waters is very clear. From the cliff we can see fish swimming, because the water is clear and calm. Besides visitors on island Bunta can also see a perfect view of the sunset. The blend sunset light, emitting a reddish glow in the ocean which is breathaking. Something that musnít be passed specially for for photography lovers.

While on Buntas land, you will definitely be amazed by the sprawling exotic beaches.For lovers of snorkeling and fishing, Bunta Island has beautiful coral reefs and also a lot of fish that can be catched at any time even at night.But you should remember if you want to snorkel or fishing, you must bring your own facility, because for the moment the island does not provide the facilities for it.

After a day enjoying the beach, there is another object worth visiting onthe Island , an old lighthouse. To get there, you must first walk for 1 hour. Arriving at the location of the lighthouse, you will see the expanse of the Indian Ocean, which is famous for high current. From the top of the lighthouse, you can immediately see large ships passing by.

Bunta Island is one of the westernmost island in Indonesia. It is located close to the village of Ujung Pancu. The distance is about an hour away by boat from Lam Teungoh, Aceh Besar. The cost of travel to Bunta island is Rp. 80,000 per person roundtrip.

According to stories the island is called Bunta because it shaped like a camel's back, with two hills towering above it. Bunta Island was formerly used for the healing of leprosy and only inhabited by a few families only. Before the tsunami in 2004 the island was syill inhabited, but after the tsunami it became isolated because most people prefer to live in Ujung Pancu village and in Aceh.