Sarangan Lake is located on the border between East Java and Central Java precisely in the western part of Magetan, East Java. Sarangan situated on the slopes of Mount Lawu (3,265 m) which has a beautiful mountainous landscape. You can make Sarangan as one alternative to your vacation. There are many interesting natural attractions that can be enjoyed here. This lake and its surroundings offer beautiful natural scenery and fascinating to you.

Sarangan scenery will spoil the eyes, because you can see the vast lake and the green mountains around Lawu Sidoramping. Sarangan with a calm lake water and be a mirror of the surrounding mountains. Staring at the mountain range and the mountain here also make more sense of calm and peace coupled with the cool mountain air with temperatures around 18-23 degrees Celsius. You can enjoy the cool mountain air Sarangan situated at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level.

At the edge of the lake provided water bike that resembles a duck and boat. It can be a means for those who want to surround the lake through the water. Or you can get around using a horse or wagon offered locals. For those who want to exercise, you can surround this lake with walking or running. You will also find a pine forest on the slopes of the mountains around Sarangan.

Close to Sarangan, there is the entrance to the waterfall. There are three waterfalls that you can visit here that Watu Ondo waterfall, Pundak Kiwo, and Jarakan. The road to the waterfall is not difficult, even half the trip can be done by car. The trip to the waterfall will be an enjoyable trip.