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    Liang Beach, Soft White Sand Beach in Ambon

    Liang Beach is the beauty coast and clear blue sea has become the main attraction for domestic and international tourists who visit Ambon. To enjoy the beautiful panoramic beaches in Ambon, tourists usually make a visit to the Liang beach. The enchanting beach is also known as Hunimua.

    Liang beach, is located in Liang village, Salahutu sub-district, Central Maluku regency, Maluku Province. It is located 40 Kilometers from Ambon city. Liang village is accessible by land transportation, it is about 30 minutes from downtown of Ambon.

    During the trip to Liang beach, you will see other small beaches as the city is surrounded by sea.When you arrive at Liang beach, you are required to pay the entrance ticket of only 3,000 Rupiah per person.

    During your visit to Liang Beach tourism object, you will enjoy the soft white sand. It is very pleasant to play in the beach with 1 kilometer long and 300 meters wide. Moreover it has clear and blue water, and friendly waves, therefore, you need not to be afraid to swim at Liang beach. For those who like photography, you can enjoy your hobby here because every corner of Liang beach offers enchanting imagines. In one part of the beach, there is a simple wooden dock. Some visitors, especially children are usually jumping from the top of the dock and plunging into the water. If you are a good swimmer, it is a fun activity. You will feel a fresh sensation, when jumping from the dock. There are shady trees on the seaside of Liang beach, which can be used as a convenient resting place.

    Travelling to Liang beach, you do not need to worry, because the beach is equipped with various facilities, such as restaurants, restrooms and a parking lot. Unfortunately, there is no facility for lodging. If you want to spend the night, while enjoying the beauty of Liang beach at night, you can camping on the beach or stay at local residentís houses . For your travelling pleasure at the Liang Beach, please come at the right time, around September to November or April to May .Because at those time the beach is shady and cool.

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