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    Jonggan Dance, Traditional Art Dance of Dayak in West Kalimantan

    Jonggan is one of traditional arts in Kalimantan, and describes the happiness in Dayak people’s society. This dance comes from the culture of Dayak kanayatn people in West Kalimantan. Jonggan in the Dayak language means dance. According to some sources, the Jonggan Dance appeared in 1950s in Landak Regency, West Kalimantan. This dance was used as an entertainment by the Dayak people in various traditional events. Jonggan is often performed for big events, such as wedding ceremonies, and to welcome guests.

    Before the Jonggan Dance is performed, a special ritual has to be held first. This ritual is called nyangahant, meaning pray. This ritual is held to ask permission or protection of the God, so the dance performance runs smoothly. Nyangahant is started by bapamang, namely praying by the leaders of the ceremony in front of the offerings which have been prepared. The Jonggan Dance is performed by 5-to-7 women. While dancing, they wear kebayas or traditional long-sleeved blouses, paca and shawls. Paca is a dress of long batik fabric. The costume which is worn in this dance is very simple without many accessories.

    Jonggan is one of the dance’ performances which prohibits the audience from participating in dancing and vocalizations, but the poem has to be suitable with the theme. Because of that, this dance is categorized as an interactive and communicative dance. This dance is accompanied by traditional music which consists of gadobong (drum), dau (gamelan), and bamboo flute. This dance is also accompanied by songs which describe the happiness of the Dayak people. There are two kinds of songs which accompany the dance, namely a soft rhythm and a lively rhythm. Basically, the songs in this dance are in the form of poems.

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