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    Iboih Beach, Paradise for Snorkeling and Diving in 0 Km of Sabang - Indonesia

    In Weh Island, there is a favourite beach by many tourists called Iboih Beach. This Iboih Beach, whose real name is Teupin Layeu is located 0 Km of Indonesia in the village of Iboih, Sukakarya, Sabang Municipality, Aceh. The Beach, which has been visited by many foreign tourists, has a coastal area of about 1,300 hectares.

    Iboih beach, known as one of the world's most beautiful paradise beaches. Iboih Beach is an island located in Weh Island Sabang. Many foreign tourist come to the beach Iboih because this place is a paradise for snorkeling and diving.

    Iboih beach is actually a port that is used to get to the island Rubiah. Although a port, but the beauty of the Iboih beach no doubt. Clear seawater and has a blue-green shades of color plus a clean white sand and surrounded by protected forest, Iboih like "heaven" hidden that has the feel calm and peaceful.

    Located at the western end of the island of Sumatra, Iboih Beach offers unspoiled natural beauty. Seawater is so clear, yet again if diving, you will be greeted by a magnificent underwater kingdom.

    On the Iboih beach we can enjoy the beautiful scenery. And many other nature tourism activities to do there, like water tourism, among others, surfing, canoeing, swimming, and diving to enjoy underwater natural diversity of coral reefs and fish the beautiful reefs.

    Some facilities that can support tourism activities, among others, lodges and bed around Iboih built by society, shelter, souvenir kiosks and hotels located in Gapang. From the beach, tourists can visit the island Iboih nuns are famous for natural beauty of the marine park. Furthermore Rubiah Island there are various facilities built among other things, the center of diving activities equipped with amenities (motorboats, diving equipment), shelter, home guard, lookout towers, walkways, parks and electrical installations.

    Morning is the best time to snorkel favors. Apart from the plankton is not rising to the surface, cool atmosphere in the morning will give the impression of a more profound amazement. Especially if you can get into a boat and circled Rubiah Island. Nuns is an island across from the beach Iboih.

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