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    Enjoy Travelling in Bacan Island, South Halmahera

    Bacan Island is one of the Maluku Islands cluster located in the southwest of the island of Halmahera and is included in the district of South Halmahera, North Maluku. Located in Labuha, the capital regency of South Halmahera. Bacan Island has some interesting tourist spots like Fort Barnevald which are relics of the past history of the Portuguese occupation. Unfortunately the castle are in a poorly maintained condition, but do not worry you still can enjoy the amazing view of the stand at the top of the fort. Here you can watch the crystal clear sea water until you can see the coral reefs following various kinds of fish that swim in it, and there are also wooden houses built on water and inhabited Bajo.

    In addition there Pawete Beach, and Palace of the Sultan Mosque and Bacan Island nature reserve which will not be exhausted all be enjoyed in a single day. There are several hotels and guest houses that you can rent while strolling on Bacan Island. Do not forget to bring home a distinctive gemstone Bacan island that is now hip and the fruit of lips thanks to its uniqueness, which produce a color that corresponds to the body heat of the person wearing it.

    This is completely island with the beautiful beaches and relics spot of Indonesia. Many hidden beach is still natural and inhabitant. So, let's enjoy the travelling in Bacan Island at the South Halmahera, North Maluku.
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