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    Grojogan Lepo or Lepo Waterfall, Yogyakarta

    Grojogan Lepo or Lepo Waterfall is located at Pokoh 1 village, Dlingo subdistrict, Bantul regency. From Yogyakarta, it takes about 1.5 hours to this location by using land transportation. Arriving at the waterfall location, you can park your car in the yard of local residents who have been provided for parking area. Then you have to walk about 200 meters through the path to the Grojogan Lepo location. Grojogan Lepo consists of several levels. At every level the visitors can find kedung or pool for swimming with a variety of depth. The grojogans also have diverse height which is about about 1 to 10 meters. From the first level of Waterfall to other waterfalls, you have to go down some stairs.

    The first level Waterfalls has a height of about 10 meters, and the depth of about one and half meter. The waterfall is surrounded by limestone cliffs with a unique texture makes it like a private waterfall that can be enjoyed by one or two people. With clear water and the combination of a unique form of limestone makes the waterfall looks pretty. The second level is the most unique waterfall. It is only 5 meters height. Here you can find rocks formed large blocks that neatly arranged. It has a moderate depth, so you will safely bathing and swimming there.

    The last level of Grojogan Lepo is the most natural. The Height is only about 1 to 2 meters. Here you can see deeper and wider pool than others. You will be satisfied to swim and bath in the pool. To clean your body after swimming and looking for foods if you are hungry, you donít need to be warry because there are also available some toilets and bathroom as well as food stalls in this locations.

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    Images source: https://www.yogyes.com/

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