One of the city in West Java is Tasikmalaya has beautiful natural waterfall which is decorated with shady trees. The local people call Dengdeng waterfall or Curug Dengdeng. Dengdeng comes from a word bedengan, meaning level. Dengdeng waterfall has unique shape which is rarely found and is still natural. The Headwaters of this waterfall is located on Mt. Raja, while its downstream is at Cimedang river. This waterfall is located at 20 kilometer long and 30 meter wide Cikembang River.

Dengdeng waterfall has 3 levels with shady trees surrounding the area. The first level is 13 Meter high, the second is 11 Meter high and the last is 9 Meter high. From the first level of the waterfall you can see the stream of Cikembang river and also beautiful scenery where the rice fieds and coconut trees can be seen clearly. On the second level of the waterfall, you can enjoy the beauty of the first level waterfall and usually there are many tourists who take a bath or enjoy the fresh air on this level. While at the third level, you can enjoy the whole waterfalls from under the waterfall. Under the last waterfall, there is a big pool with fresh and clear water. At this pool, you can take a bath and soak while enjoying the cool water.

Interestingly, at Dengdeng waterfall complex, there are big stones. Those stones have small holes which are similar to coral at the bottom of the sea. Most of the holes have diameter of 50 to 80 centimeters. When the water recedes, these holes will be clearly visible. The local residents say that this hole as homes for fish and fish spawning area. And the local people also believe that the water of this waterfall can make anyone look younger.

Dengdeng waterfall is located at Caringin hamlet, Cikawung Gading village, Cipatujah sub district, Tasikmalaya Regency, West Java Province. The distance is around 90 Kilometer from Tasikmalaya City and takes around 3 hours. The trip until Cikawung village can be accessed by using land transportation. After that, you will pass stony roads. Arriving at Caringin village, you have to take a walk through small river and shady teak trees. To go to Dengdeng waterfall, we suggest you to ask for a guide from local people, so that you do not get lost. And it is better if you bring your own food because there are no food sellers around the area. If you want to stay at night, you can spend your night at Tasikmalaya.