Miangas island belongs to the special district of Miangas Islands, Talaud district, North Sulawesi. Miangas borders with neighboring countries Philippines. Miangas is one of the islands of the Nanusa archipelago. This island is one of the outer islands of Indonesia.

Miangas Island is one of the outer islands of Indonesia. Precisely, it lies in Talaud Regency, North Sulawesi, Indonesia. It has beautiful panorama, and along the coastline, it has several cape and atoll as well as coral lagoons. The island is also rich of biodiversity. You can find many species of fish and colorful coral reefs in the beautiful lagoons and atoll.

The activities you can do in Miangas Island always relate to adventure activities, such as hiking, trekking or setting a camp tent. These activities will give you great experience as you can get closer to the nature of Miangas. You can learn about the flora and the fauna along with its traditional way of life of the local people. Learning all about Miangas will give you many advantages as it opens widely your perspective about a remote’s island life of the local people. You can also visit the beaches of the island if you have spare time. Visiting the beaches will also amaze you as you can see a stunning panorama of the island.