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    Sengkaling Recreation Park

    Sengkaling Recreation Park, is a publicly held corporation engaged in the field of tourism services in the form of recreation parks, animal parks and restaurants. Equipped with various types of games, swimming pool and culinary tours.

    Sengkaling Recreation Park opened nonstop every day, with operating hours from 06.00 until 17.00 pm. While Sengkaling Food Festival, open from 12:00 until 23:00 pm. It is intended to provide flexibility to the people who will do the recreation and relaxation and dinner with family or colleagues.

    Sengkaling Recreation Park has a total area of ​​8.5 +/- acres, 6 acres of them in the garden and lush green trees. Having a wide range of facilities which has advantages compared other tourist attractions. One of these advantages is that there is water attractions, the entire water comes from a natural source. That said, one of the sources that there are Tirta Swimming Alam, believed to make people young and to this very day there are many people who believe it.

    Parks Recreation Sengkaling strive constantly to improve itself in order to become the best tourist destination. Among them is by adding various types of games and education, improving services, and to improve the quality and quantity of entertainment.

    Sengkaling Recreation Park is located at Jl. Kingdom Mulyoagung No. 188, sub Dau, Malang regency, East Java province, within +/- 10 km from Malang city center. The location is very strategic because it is right on the edge of the highway that connects the city of Malang and Batu, but it is easily accessible by vehicle.

    Source : MalangCity
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