Lasiana Beach is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Kupang, offers the white sand and calm wave. Lasiana is very popular beach not only in Indonesia but also around the world. The beach has been open for public since the 1970's and began to pull more International tourists after the local government built a number of facilities in 1986.

The beach has an amazing landscape. It is perfect for a place to relax your mind as it is not too crowded. Unlike many popular beaches, the beach still maintains its natural beauty because there are not many visitors here. The visitors who arrived at this Lasiana beach most on holidays or Sundays. Lasiana Beach is located in Central Kupang, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara.

The local government's mission of making the beach as Taman Budaya Flobamora (Cultural Park of Flobamora), a place where the different cultures and tribes in its vicinity are unified to make an interesting site of a tourist destination.

Lasiana measures to 3.5 ha and is guarded by lush rows of coconut trees. Although the facilities may have limit for usage, it is the natural beauty that put the beach one of the foremost in the province.

The beach presents stretch of white sands and sparkling blue water with the classic signature of ocean breeze and occasional scenery of calm waves. You can do many activities like playing beach volley, jogging, fishing or swimming. The topography combines a fine conjunction of hilly areas and coastlines which makes the surrounding scenery a unique one to enjoy.

Along the coastline you can choose one of those seaside huts called Lopo-lopo for getting the best spot of enjoying the whole features of the beach. Under the iconic palm trees of Timor island, there you can reside on a blissful state of mind while watching the alluring scenery of sunset and lulled by the strum of guitars and the fragrance of palm fruits.