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    Enjoy the Beautiful Mangku Sakti Waterfall in East Lombok

    Mangku Sakti is one of the beautiful waterfalls are located at the slopes of Mount Rinjani. Precisely located in the sub-village of Sajang, Sajang village, Sembalun district, Lombok Timur regency, West Nusa Tenggara. Mangku Sakti water is derived from the flow Kokoq Puteq (White River) which is sourced directly from Segara Anak (the lake on Mount Rinjani).
    This waterfall has a sulfur content so that the water color is white and greenish. With the sulfur content is the locals believe that can be used to cure different kinds of skin diseases.

    This waterfall is reaches 30 meters height. The pond is deep enough and wide, which is amazing from this waterfall is very beautiful rock cliffs.

    This waterfall is approximately 175 km from the city of Mataram (the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara). The trip to reach this location takes for about approximately 4 hours’ drive.

    There are two alternative roads are impassable route through the city of Mataram:

    The first via Lombok Timur regency;
    Mataram – Narmada – Mantang – Kopang – Terara – Sikur – Aikmel – Suwela – Sapit – Lemor - Sembalun Bumbung – Sembalun Lawang - Sajang.

    The second via Lombok Utara regency;
    Mataram - Pusuk or along Senggigi Beach – Pemenang – Tanjung – Gondang – Selengan – Batu Gembung – Senaru - Dasan Grisak – Sambiq Elen – Sajang.
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