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    Dodola Island, Amazing Island in Morotai

    Dodola Island is located in the western part of the Morotai Island, North Maluku district to the northern tip of the Halmahera Island. Morotai Islands is well-known as the outermost regions because it is situated on the edge of the Pacific. It is a real paradise with the beauty of the beach is very tempting. It is not surprise because the island becomes an icon of Morotai which is surrounded by huge white sand to connect Big Dodola Island and Small Dodola Island. The fine sand looks like flour and that is why local residents love to visit it. The echo of island is also more spreading nowadays. The trail that connects Big and Small Dodola Island is white sand.

    The sand stretches and creates outline pattern which is look so amazing. The outlines made by wind and wave of water. It will take 5 minutes to walk from Big Dodola to Small Dodola. You will see coral reefs and seaweed when the tide low, but you will see two islands when the tide high and it looks like a strait. Probably you will surprise knowing that Dodola Island is a reason why tourists visit Morotai. The panorama and its view are so fantastic. You can explore all of the edge of island.

    In Dodola Island, you can do many activities and mostly has relation to water sport, such as fishing, swimming, sun bathing, snorkeling, jet-ski, or just laying on fine sand. As an exotic island, most of visitor prefers to come as a backpacker because they can explore and doing activities as much as they want. But, the most popular activity you can do in Dodola Island is snorkeling.

    Dodola Island is situated at Morotai Archipelago Regency, North Maluku Indonesia. You can take a flight from Jakarta to Ternate for 3.5 hours and transit in Manado for 30 minutes. When you arrived at Babullah Airport Ternate, you can start your journey to explore the city.

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    that's so beautiful, I love it and I will come to be there

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    Dodola Island is a must-visit place in Morotai. The island is very fascinating, so the local government called Dodola as a pearl in the Pacific shoreline. Dodola is one of the tourist attraction in Morotai Island regency of North Maluku.

    Letís know more about Dodola!
    Dodola Island cosnsist of Dodola Besar (Great Dodola) and Dodola Kecil (Small Dodola) with a distance of about 500 meters. Uniquely, Great Dodola and Small Dodola unite during high tide and split during low tide. The span of the low tide at this location is quite a while, between 10.30 to 19.00 local time. Tourist who visit Dodola is certainly fascinated by its beauty. Fine white sand from Great Dodola that connects to Small Dodola. With the sea water as crystal, the swish of small waves and the blue sky.
    The local government provides cottages for tourist who want to spend the night over there. The tourists also can do many activities in Dodola such as; snorkeling, diving, swimming and fishing.

    Access to Dodola:
    The access to Dodola is quite easy from Morotai Island. You can start the trip from Daruba City to Dodola Island by speedboat for about 30 minutes. It is better to rent a speedboat for one day although the rate is quite expensive so that you can explore the nearby islands which is also has the own beauty.

    Photo by: Ilhamarch at http://indonesia-guide4u.blogspot.co.id/

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