Ria beach is located on the west coast of beautiful Gulf Cempi. Ria has natural beach with soft and white sand, a place where you can spend your holiday with your friends or family.

Ria Beach can be a good option to visit when you are in Lombok Island. Lombok has many beaches that you can explore. Exploring many beaches in Lombok will give you a challenging experience since the beaches offer different things to explore. You can learn many things from the beach exploration. You will find many interesting things that you may have never seen somewhere else. Ria has calm atmosphere, making it suitable to refresh your mind.

Ria Beach is situated in Ria sub-village, Riwo village, Woja district, Dompu regency, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara. The distance from the downtown is about 18 kilometers. It will take about an hour driving from the downtown to the beach. However, if you are in Mataram, it will take longer time to reach the beach. You have to go through Kayangan Port in East Lombok from Mataram. It will take about two hours. Then, you must cross the strait towards Poto Tano Port in Sumbawa for about two hours as well. From the port, you can continue your journey toward Dompu Regency. From here, you can directly go to the beach.