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    Sendang Biru Beach, Popular Beach in Malang Regency

    Sendang Biru is popular beach resorts in the southern part of Malang Regency, which free from tumulous waves of Indian Ocean due to the existence of wild life Sempu Island, about 300 meters offshore. The main attraction of the beach is because it has Sempu Island and clear water. Most of visitors know the beach as the gate to enter to the island. When you come to the beach, you will be treated by an incredible panorama. Fine sand and blue water collaborated very well to be beautiful scenery. At the coastline, there are so many boats that are parked with colorful painting.

    Sendang Biru Beach lies at Sumber Agung Village, Sumbermanjing sub-district, Malang Regency, East Java, Indonesia. It is about 69 km south of Malang City and takes around 2 hours by driving. You can ride motorcycle, a car or public transportation. If you want to feel the real adventure, you can take minibus with the direction to Gadang – Turen – Sendang Biru. The access to the beach is adequate.
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