In Sorong, West Papua, there is tourist destination that must be visited is Katatop Beach. The beach has become a favorite place for tourists of all ages to visit. It has beautiful scenery and good weather. The beach is surrounded by tress, making it have fresh air. You can sit down in the beach and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can also rest and relax under the trees around the beach. The calm atmosphere allows you to refresh your mind. Although there may be some visitors around you, you will still be able to enjoy place. The beauty of the beach will never allow you to throw your attention out of the scenery.

Katatop Beach is situated at around 10 km of Aimas Island. It lies around 30 km from Sorong City. The beach is beautiful, especially with mangrove forest growing well around the beach. To reach the beach, you can drive your own car or rent a car. It will be very difficult for you to find public transportation. Hence, it is recommended that you rent a car during your trip to the beach.