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    Green Canyon, Spectacular Attraction in Pangandaran - West Java

    Indonesia is known for its beautiful nature. You will find a variety of spectacular attractions. When you visit Java Island, Indonesia, make sure you visit Green Canyon, near to Pangandaran Beach, Ciamis Regency, West Java, Indonesia. Green Canyon, which was traditionally called Cukang Taneuh, offers a line of natural attractions that have amazed millions of local and international tourists every year.

    Green Canyon is located in the Kertayasa Village, Ciamis, West Java, approximately 31 km from Pangandaran Beach. The Green Canyon's name was introduced by tourists from France as the color of the Cijulang river is very green. Or called Cukang Taneuh, which meant a land bridge as there was in existence a bridge that connected the two villages of Kertayasa and Batukaras.

    Two cliffs form the natural contour of the Cijulang River and the beauty of the river it self is a tremendous painting of nature that green canyon attract, but not just that, it also contain another river to explored of Citumang by body rafting same as Cijulang River, the two beautiful beaches of Batu Karas and Batu Hiu, and the nature park nearby around Pangandaran area with their own charm, the Batu Karas and Batu Hiu beach and Pananjung Nature park for wildlife experience.

    Batu Karas beach is famous for the surfing here with its variety of wave formations with a gentle sloping beach. Batu Hiu Beach, as itís name Batu (Rock) Hiu (Shark) indicates, is so called because there is a reef located around 200 from the shore that is shaped like sharks fin. A turtle breeding center can be visited with the addition of caves to explored.

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