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    Ujung Genteng Beach, Clear Sea Water Beach in Sukabumi - West Java

    Pantai Ujung Genteng is one of the popular tourist attraction in the south of West Java. Located on the south coast of Java, at the Indian Ocean in the Ciracap District, West Java. Exactly on the village of Gunung Batu, Ciracap district, Sukabumi regency. The sea is fairly quiet here with relatively small waves due to the rocks on the sides of the beach. The sea water is very clear which makes it possible to see the coral and fish with the naked eye without snorkeling. This is also a favorite place to see the sunset moment.

    There are many activities and attractions in around this beautiful Ujung Genteng beach, like Aquarium Cibuaya in Cibuaya beach, Pengumbuhan Beach for surfers and the Green Turtle, Amanda Ratu hill, and more.

    Transportation to get there from Jakarta, the beach is about 220km away, from Bandung 230km. It would take about 6 to 7 hours by car as the road is quite good. With bus it will take about 10 hours since you need to transfer a few times. From Jakarta take a bus to Sukabumi, transfer there to a bus or minivan then to Lembursitu. At Lembursitu take a public minivan to Surade. At the Surade terminal walk out to the main road to get an angkot to Ujung Genteng.

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    Ujung Genteng Beach

    Ujung Genteng is famous for the endangered Green Turtle and without doubt is one of the most diverse and captivating destinations in the Indonesian archipelago, providing clear white coral beaches an enchantment of tradition and diversity of culture and wildlife.

    Ujung Genteng beach attractions located about 63 kilometers south of Sukabumi city center also offers a number of natural beauty in West Java.

    Ujung Genteng beach special attraction, the seawater is crystal clear sign of how the natural environment still Ujung Genteng beach. Large waves are not too dangerous to tourists who want to bathe on the beach. Huge waves of the ocean first broke out because of blocked clusters scattered coral sea.

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