Welcome to the beautiful island of Kepa to enjoy stunning sea life and coral gardens, tribal culture and general hospitality. Diving in Kepa Island will be an unforgettable experience.

Indonesia has high-class spot dive in the world. It is Alor islands are surrounded by pristine blue waters. Diving in Alor is renowned as one of the best diving in the world. These small yet remarkably splendid islands dominated by mountains and steep valleys, have divided the islands into many different ethnic groups. One of the islands located around the area is the Kepa Island. You can meet the best coral formations and underwater life in this beautiful island. With its volcanic origin, Kepa Island offers great variety of dive sites, some outstanding walls, rock slides, valleys, seamounts, pinnacles, and unspoiled coral reefs.

To get to Kepa Island from Kupang, you have to go to Kalabahi, the capital of Alor Regency (Kabupaten Alor) first. From Kalabahi, you can take a car that will take you to the Alor Kecil Village in 30 minutes. From there, you can board a small motorized canoe for a 3 minute crossing to Kepa Island. There’s a small village in this island and the famous La Petite Kepa is stationed there. It is a small home stay that is managed by charming French couple in collaboration with the people of Kepa Island and Alor Kecil Village.

Due to the central position of Kepa Island, the dive sites are reachable by boat for between 5 minutes to 1 hour. Some diving is also possible from the shore of the island. You can spend the days in the island by swimming, snorkeling, diving, reading and conversing with each other. The water is gentle and safe for children, but still, you have to supervise the littlest ones. The variety and diversity of marine life in Kepa Island is very wide, from small fish to big pelagic sea life, with a rich concentration of invertebrates as well, hard and soft corals. Diving in Kepa Island is renowned for its big fishes, sharks, hammerheads, giant groupers, Napoleon wrasse, eagle rays, mola-mola, dog tooth tunas and schools of big eyes jack. Dolphins are also often seen around the island, even you can swim with them up close.