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    Tour Packages Through Dozens of Indonesia Destinations

    Do you want to visit tropics destinations?

    Get around in Indonesia. This country is a tropical tourism paradise. But if you have never been to Indonesia, you should join a travel program offered by many travel agents in Indonesia.

    By the way, as info for tour packages in Indonesia, you can see it on the Indonesia-tourism.com/tour
    On this website you will find many tour packages to various destinations in Indonesia.

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    Visit Safari Park in East Java

    Let's visit Safari Park. The guide and driver will pick you up at your hotel then drive to Prigen, where the Safari Park is located. It takes approximately 1.5 hours drive.

    Arrive in Safari Park, then drive around the park. In Safari Park, you can see many kind of animal around the world. There are also animal shows which held in certain time.
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    Mentawai Tribe Tour Package

    Early in the morning arriving in Muara Siberut, after getting permit from the local government, taking motorized canoe to Rorogot or Madobak, it depend on the water n the river, walking to Sakaleo or to Bat Nusa about 3,5 hours. Overnight at Sakaleo or Bat Nusa at Native’s House.

    After having breakfast exploring the daily activities of Native’s Mentawai Tribe Such as: Hunting, Fishing, Making Sago Powder (Main food of Mentawaian Tribe), when you are lucky, you have chance to see the traditional dances of Mentawai during the Ceremonies in the evening.

    In the morning free at own leisure together with the Native’s before leaving to Bat Alemoi by walk about 2,5 hours. Overnight at Native’s House at Bat Elemoi.

    Half day exploring the native’s activities before leaving to Muara Siberut such as: To see how they making Loin Clothes from the Bark of Tree, Making Tatoes, Bow and Poison Arrow, Etc. The Ferry depart to Padang in the evening, Overnight on Board.
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    Floating Market Tour in Banjarmasin - Kalimantan

    What tour to Kalimantan will you get, aside from the forest or its beautiful nature? Wait a minute, Kalimantan also has a unique market. Precisely located in Banjarmasin. You will get a floating market. Of course the market which is also used as a tourist attraction has its own sensation for you.

    The Floating Market is a traditional market located on the Barito river and is open between 06.30 to 08.00 East Indonesian Time. All traders and buyers here use jukung (boat) transportation facilities to peddle and search for their merchandise. Usually the tourists who come to the city (Banjarmasin) definitely take the time to visit this floating market because this market is a unique market that there is only one in Indonesia, only in Banjarmasin.

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    Tana Toraja Tour - Where You Can Meet With The Pure Culture

    Toraja’s notorious funerary rituals may precede everything else that is interesting about the highland destination in Sulawesi. But beyond groomed corpses and eerie Tau Tau effigies looking down from the towering cave tombs, Tana Toraja is also a beautiful destination thronged by stunning hills and tropical jungles. Villages above the clouds, captivating megalithic sites, sunrises, ornate traditional houses; there are many excellent attractions in Tana Toraja that do not involve digging up graves.

    How to Get There
    A trip to Tana Toraja Regency from Makassar City takes about 7 hours. The distance is 305 km. For a faster trip, you can take Poros Barru – Makassar Street. For outsiders, the first destination would be Makassar City. In fact, it is the capital of South Sulawesi Province. If you come by plane, you should head to Sultan Hasanuddin Airport. From there, take a local transportation service to Tana Toraja. That’s all.

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