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    Noko Island, Part of Bawean Island in Gresik - East Java

    Bawean Island has many beautiful small islands, such as Noko, Gili Timur, and Tanjung Kodok and Bawean deer conservation area. Noko island is an unoccupied island with beautiful undersea panorama.

    Noko Island or Selayar is located in east side of Bawean Island, Sungai Rujing village. To enjoy the beautiful nature of Noko island is not easy, because in addition to its far location, you have to sail across Java Sea to go to Bawean Island from Gresik Seaport.

    Gresik can be accessed from Surabaya, the capital city of East Java Province for around 1 hour. After arriving at Bawean seaport which is located at Sangkapura sub-district, you have to use a speedboat for 20 minutes to reach Noko island.
    Actually there is nothing to find on Noko island. There are only bushes and white sand. This island is very tiny, only 1 KM wide. But if you have arrived on this island, you will be amazed with the beauty of its nature.

    Its sea has very clear blue and green color water, so that you can see the bottom of the sea. The beauty of the coral reef is clearly seen from the boat. Here, you can go snorkeling to enjoy the beautiful under the sea. However, you have to bring your own equipment because there is no place to rent snorkeling equipment on Noko island.

    There are some things which you should consider if you visit Noko island. On this island, there is place for shelter, restaurants and springs. If you want to be there for a long time, there is some stay to enjoy your holiday.

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    Complete info about Bawean Island Tourism :

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