Banten city is well-known as the city has the series of natural beaches. One of them is Badegur Beach with the beautiful panoramic to enjoy your travelling.

Bagedur beach is located at Sukamanah village, Malingping sub-district, Lebak Regency. Bagedur beach can be accessed from Jakarta through Tangerang-Merak toll and exit at East Serang Gate in Pandeglang and Malingping. From Jakarta to Bagedur Beach is around 200 kilometers and takes around 6 hours. From Serang, the capital city of Banten is around 130 kilometers and takes around 4 and a half hour.

Bagedur beach has white sand and calm waves. Various plantations are also grown surrounding the beach. The beach is 10 Kilometer long and 50 meter wide. Moreover, the beach is flat and has dense sand. So, you can go down the beach by riding motorcycle. This beach often becomes a place for motorcycle rally. If you come to this beach, you can drive your car to the beach while enjoying the waves of the South Coast.

You can play volley ball and football at Bagedur beach. This beach which is flat without coral reef, makes Bagedur beach a cool place for swimming. As a tourism site, Bagedur has lodging facilities to stay at night with various prices. At the beach, there are also some stalls which sell food and drink. You can find stalls which sell seafood and various menus with the low price.