Manado is a city has 100 tourism attractions include Bunaken Sea Park as a strategic area of national tourism. One of the tourist attractions that must be visited is Kima Atas Waterfall and situated is very near with Sam Ratulangi Airport. This waterfall is very special, because this waterfall is the only waterfall in Manado city out of 15 waterfalls in North Sulawesi province.

Kima Atas waterfall is located in Kima Atas village, Mapanget sub-district, Manado city, North Sulawesi province. The waterfall is located around 10 kilometers from Sam Ratulangi airport, and 15 kilometers from Manado city center. Kima Atas waterfall can be accessed for 50 minutes from Manado by using land transportation. This waterfall has 3 levels and has beautiful scenery with green trees. It makes surrounding environment fresh and calm. The water of the waterfall flows to clean Kima river and empty in Manado beach.

The water stream of Kima Atas waterfall is not quite heavy. It is because there is land which makes the waterfall look like layers. The water which is coming down from the top hits some rocky layers before descending to the bottom, thus making the flow of water produced is not too heavy. Because the situation surrounding the water is quite and the water is fresh with quite stream, it makes you want to swim and directly enjoy the water streaming of the waterfall at the pool. There are some quite deep places suitable for you who are able to swim. If you can swim, you can swim around shallow place.

While enjoying the scenery in this waterfall also the matrass around the waterfall complex while enjoying gurgling water under shady trees. If you are tired and hungry, you do not have to worry because there are many food vendors. And to stay at night, there are also many lodgings, because the waterfall location is not far from the city central of Manado.