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    Pintu Kota Beach, Unique Beach in Ambon - Indonesia

    Ambon, the capital city of Maluku Province is one of Coastal cities with palm trees waving in every corner of the city. The beauty of the coast with the blue and clear sea water is the main attraction for both domestic and international tourists. In Ambon, you can find the beach with the beautiful panoramic named Pintu Kota beach.

    Pintu Kota beach is one of the attractions in the famous city of Ambon. The beach area is only 20 Km from the heart of the city. The name of the beach is quite interesting, Pintu Kota means City Gate. Just like a gate, the beach is the entrance to the city of Ambon with its own uniqueness which is certainly a tourist attraction. Among others is the presence of a hole with a very large diameter that breaks through the reef barrier and penetrates into the two sides. So, when we stand on the beach, we can see the sea directly through the hole. Pintu Kota is shaped like a bay, and a kind of rocky and stony beach. In fact, the sandy part of the shore is only a little.

    Pintu Kota beach is located in Latuhalat village, Ambon, Maluku province. When you arrive at the beach, there will be many palm trees and a strip of green grass around the coast to welcome you. There are also benches provided, so you can see the stretch of the coast and the sea while sitting in the distance. Looking out through the large coral holes perforated like a gate is actually the main focus of this unique beach. The reddish-brown color of the cliffs combined with a little green on the top and is a wonderful view especially when the gentle waves are hitting.

    This beach can be reached in less than 30 minutes from Ambon City Center by car. Public transport to this area is an armada of red vans called the red city transport.

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