Welcome to Kemala Beach!

Kemala Beach, the location of this beautiful beach is easy to reach, it is on the central of Balikpapan city. Not far from Aberdeen City Hall just a few meters. And the location of this beach is also not so obvious because over with surrounding real estate and business centre locations at the edge of the road. Precisely behind the rates of Pertamina. Situated on the edge of the highway Sudirman. If you are drop to Balikpapan, the beach is can be reach by ride public transportation or taxi which majors Port / Melawai (number 6) - 5 minutes from downtown.

It is like beach on Jimbaran Bali, because the atmosphere at this beach very similar to Jimbaran beach in Bali that lined the restaurant - seafood restaurant at the edges, but here only version of the restaurant and is perfect for enjoying the sunset while eating, and especially at the beach restaurant which is also named by D'Jimbaran. And the difference in Jimbaran Bali, Beach Kemala not so wide and there is only one restaurant D'Jimbaran beach like this and like it private resto.

Kemala beach is fairly clean, and soft sand and gentle and of course a little white. And the beach is also there watersport facilities such as Banana Boat, Jet Ski also Flying Fox.