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    Sire Beach, Attractive Tourism in Medane - North Lombok

    North Lombok has various attractive tourism object which worth visited. One of them is Sire beach. Sire beach is included to be a favorite place to visit for domestic or foreign visitors to spend the holidays. The beach which located in north west of Lombok island serves a beautiful view including the view of Rinjani mount which can be seen in the east side.

    Sire beach is located in Medane village, North Lombok regency, for about one hour from the central of Mataram. This beach extends in 3,5 km with curving coast line. The clean and white sand beach has soft texture. The waves are calm, makes it perfect to do water tourism.

    In Sire beach, the visitors can also do many interesting activities, such as canoeing, snorkeling, or swimming using used tire. If you donít bring equipments to do those activities, you can rent it at rental place near the beach. In the afternoon, you can also fishing or seeing seagull chasing the waves.

    Around the beach there are palm trees line up orderly and the green grass which look like a green carpet. This condition makes Sire beach fit to be family recreation place.

    If you want to stay in, there are accommodations around it which have view direct to the beach. There you can spend the nights by listening soft sound of waves, and the morning, you can enjoy the sunrise. You can also do golfing here, since there is golf field nearby the beach.

    Access to get there:
    This beach located around 43 km from Mataram city by western coast of Lombok island with route Mataram-Ampenan-Senggigi-Bukit Malimbu-Pemenang-Sire. To reach it, needs one hour trip by personal vehicle or motorbike. You can also get it by route Gunung Sari-Sidemen-Pusuk-Pemenang-Sire.

    To get there, you can take public transportation with route Mataram-Ampenan then Ampenan-Tanjung. Another alternative by public transportation is with route Rembiga-Tanjung.

    Every route you passed, has its own beauty. If you use route which passing Senggigi beach, you will served with the beauty of west coastal view of Lombok island. While if you choose the second route, you will enjoy Pusuk tropical wood which has many monkeys wander in the streetís side.
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