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    Pindul Cave, Exploring the Beauty Cave in Karangmojo - Yogyakarta

    Jogjakarta is a city that has many potential tourist destination. There were known as Pindul cave which is located at Bejiharjo village, Karangmojo, Jogjakarta. It can be taken one and half hours travel trip with a distance about 46 kilometer from Jogjakarta city. But unfortunately, because of this relatively new attraction for tourist destination, the direction mark toward to this tourist attractions is not sufficient enough.

    Pindul Cave has a travel length about 350 m, with up to 5 m width, and the distance between the water surface to the cave roof is about 4 m, water depth about 5 until 12 meters. This cave has three zones. The first one is light zone, second is lit zone, and the last is the dark zone. Travel time to exploring this cave is about 45 minutes. This cave provides a different style of enjoying the activity. The beauty of this Pindul Cave can be look from the stalactite and stalagmite inside the cave were hanging upon the roof cave. You will find a stalactite that integrates with stalagmites that looks like a pillar with a large enough size. This became the biggest stalactites in Pindul Cave.

    Moreover, on our way through the cave, you will find a large hole on the cave roof. The hole can allowing the sunlight to flowing through inside the cave, making the atmosphere inside Pindul cave is brighter and sparkle. This is the one of the beauty that is owned by Pindul Cave tour. Typically, this place is becoming one spot to take a break before tracing Pindul Cave back. During the trip, you will receive an explanation about Pindul Cave legend and explanation for some ornaments were scattered on the cave wall. Because of the water flows is quiet nature, the cave tubing activities in this cave is more safely and can be enjoyed by everyone from children to adults.

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    The Location:
    Pindul Cave is situated in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. Unlike beaches, caves offer a challenging adventure for visitors. Only those who have courage that will have courage to cross the cave. The cave is so dark and wet. You will need a guide if you decide to go along the cave. Also, the cave is full of bats, making it so frightening.
    The location of the cave is quite far from the city of Yogyakarta. You will take about 2 hours driving from Yogyakarta. However, for those who love adventure, such distance will not be a big problem. Especially, the cave is so incredible that your hard work coming to the cave will not be useless.

    The Activities:
    You can enjoy unique travelling experience as the nature and the whole scenery of the cave is so amazing. You can set a journey to go along the cave, using a lifebelt. Ask for a guide to lead the way.
    You can rent various cave tubing equipment along with the guide before you start the activity. A guide will help you show the way, and he can tell you the story of the forming of the area. Along the journey through the dark valley, you can enjoy beautiful stalactite and stalagmite along the cave.

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