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    Parangtritis Sand Dunes or Gumuk Pasir Parangtritis - Yogyakarta

    In Indonesia, we would have found Sahara desert like in Africa. This is the natural phenomenon is occurring in Indonesia. Interestingly, this desert is formed in tropical areas with high rainfall. Of some existing data, desert in Indonesia is claimed as the only desert in Southeast Asia.

    Parangtritis sand dunes, or “Gumuk Pasir Parangtritis” according to local tongue, were formed in thousand years of natural process. Some experts said that the sands were actually volcanic materials erupted by Mt.Merapi which flowed along the stream of Opak and Progo rivers to their estuaries in the south sea. The materials then been brought to the shore by strong waves, and after dried by the sun, the smooth and light sands blew by strong wind came from the ocean. Since Parangtritis beach was bordered by limestone hills, the sands could not pass the hills and fell before them, made a desert like area on an open part of the land between the hills and the beach. The wind that blew continuously in the area from various directions in a certain times made the sands became sand dunes with various unique forms.

    Located adjacent to Parangtritis this makes it easy to sand dunes on the go. Sand dunes located on the west coast Parangtritis, exactly in between Parangtritis and Depok Beach.

    This location is not only used as a tourist attraction where visitors just come, look around and enjoy the scenery around. The sand dune is also the target of the photographer to capture those precious moments such as pre-wedding and photo session. Not only that, the sand dunes are also often used as a place of making video clips and movie shooting.

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