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    Ski Lot At Lekok, Pasuruan - East Java

    SKI LOT (MUD SURFING) at Lekok Beach - Pasuruan

    Ski lot is such a traditional game from Lekok village, one of urban areas in Pasuruan Regency. At early begin, this game was played by the fishermans who spend the vacant time during their fishing time. This game is held on Ramadhan, which is precisely held on the seven day after Idul Fitri or the local inhabitant called as “Lebaran Ketupat”. Nowadays, this game is become an annual ceremony that always be a special event welcoming Ramadhan. This game is also has value to be a thanksgiving day for the sea harvest, especially for the fishermans, and become the thanksgiving day for the whole days accomplish during fasting month of Ramadhan.

    This game is quiet simple to be prepared, this is held in the middle of mud field for about 50 meters line and the players are use the ski board for about 30cm X 100cm. The game is divide into two categories, which is the session for adult and children category. For adult category the line track is about 100meters long, which can be done back and forth.
    After the whistle is ring, the players are set to go with their board. The players have to squat with one leg on the ski board, while the other is running to be the first. There are 4 lines in every session of the game. In every lines there is one line rob to define the line and flags.

    Out of this game, there are others festive among the inhabitant that can be an entertainment for the crowds. This is also become a tradition for the fisherman to decorate their ship board.
    In conclusion, Lebaran Ketupat for the people in Lekok village is become a special day, beside, they are off to sail, other moment is also about the Ski lot annual game that bring happiness and togetherness among the society. Moreover, this tradition is also become the thanksgiving day within Ramadhan and in moment of Idul Fitri great holiday.

    Ski Lot - Pasuruan - East Java by eastjava.com, on Flickr

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