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    Ciputra Waterpark

    A million freshness and cheerful are waiting in Ciputra Water Park. Visit the best water means in the country; readily bring you and family to the unforgettable adventure of Sinbad water world.
    Cheerful, Exclaimed, Full of challenge!!!

    Sirens River
    This special river designed to make you and family become increasingly chummy and intimate. Enjoy its besotted family relax and fringing artificial river along 425 meter length. The Sirens River flow calm will bring you to explore exclaiming the 1001 adventure story nights in the middle of the water ripples of Sinbad world.

    Chimera Pool
    Free laugh of all family members! Also the child who partaken with his friends. Chimera Pool is special pool for the child to play at as his satisfied. It is equipped with small water fountain runs sudden shine rotation; this child pool will invite laugh and cheerful of your child.

    Marina Lagoon
    Let children to dissolve in their wide imagine. Marina Lagoon provides supporting facilities such as; a playground for children that equipped with game as of small slip and bridge for them gather and jest. Here they have opportunity to have socialization and look for new friend passed various imaginative adventures, which they have.

    Sinbad Playground
    Explore palace towers to play at Sinbad, which is continued one another by rickety bridge. This towers equipped with water cannon for ignorant their friend, and exclaimer again is giant water drum that readily to spill 5000 water gallons and bath you in cheerful.

    Roc Tower
    Slip Tower with 15 meter high is full of challenge. It is guaranteed to make all trying and always addictive. Accelerate high-speedily in tunnel and racing adrenalin. And "burr...!" Sudden you have been be under and wanted soon to repeat the remarkable exclaimed experience.

    Syracuse Beach
    Chase one another with wave with family will surely incise smiling and laugh. You will not be numeral when coming just small billow or ripples wave hereinafter. Enjoy current pool with 1800 m2 width and 1,2 meter depth. Besides also can relax with coastal situation accompanied by kindhearted and funny giant whale.

    Opening Hours
    Tuesday – Friday: 14.00 - 19.00
    Saturday, Sunday and the Holiday: 08.00 - 20.00


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