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    Tidung Island, The Series Island of Thousand Island, Jakarta

    Tidung Island in the Seribu Islands is a small island which is still part of the Jakarta Province. One of the series beautiful islands in the Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu). Tidung Island is famous throughout Indonesia even until abroad with its natural beauty, the friendliness of its people and the uniqueness of its tourism.

    Tidung Island is consisting two main island, Tidung Kecil Island (Small Tidung) and Tidung Besar Island (Large Tidung). Both Tidung Island is linked by a bridge made from iron and concrete along the approximately 0,43 miles, Jembatan Cinta or meaning Bridge of Love, which became one of the iconic Tidung Island tours. So it’s not surprising if Tidung Island that located in the Thousand Islands later did become a favorite for tourists who want to spend their Island vacations, especially on weekends.

    As the tourism destination, this beautiful Tidung Island has complete facilities like; school, hospital, mosque, and many cottage and resort rent to stay the visitors. The beach is very beautiful with the water activities like; canoe, donut, jet ski, banana boat, and other activities you can enjoy.

    Only a short trip by fast boats or Ferry from Jakarta, Tidung Island is a paradise amongst tropical waters.

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