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    Pombo Island, Paradise in Moluccas - Indonesia

    Pombo Island, is one of over a thousand islands in the Maluku Province, East Indonesia, about 5 kilometers from Ambon, the capital city of Maluku. Pombo is a small, uninhabited little island surrounded completely by a rocky, coral atoll, which is a circular shaped reef. This charming little island spans only about 2 hectares, yet presents amazing underwater tours with beautiful rocks, scattered tastefully with a colorful variety of ornamental marine creatures, veiled beneath crystal waters. It is also home to several species of nesting birds—a few of which are endemic to Pombo. Pombo Island is protected by law as a National Marine Park and Nature Reserve.

    Pombo Island Marine Recreation Park encompasses an area of 1,000 hectares of nothing more than a stretch of sandy, white beaches and chunks of coral, sheltered by lush, green foliage. Flocks of exotic birds of all shape, size and color perch in the trees’ branches, while rare fishes and molluscs roam freely about the coral-studded ocean floor. The far-out location of the island, coupled with its protected state only enhance the allure of this natural, virgin environment.

    The crystal clear sea filled with all types of ocean-life make diving and snorkeling a definite must for visitors to Pombo Island – though the waters have enough clarity to allow you to see straight to the bottom, before ever diving under. The soft, sandy sea bed is generously carpeted in swaying seaweed and colorful corals. Large schools of fish travel in unison across the waters, glistening in the rays of the tropical sun shining through the water. The Pombo waters are also home to rare species of clams and molluscs that thrive amongst the corals.
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