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    Forest Tourism Sensation in Bukit Bangkirai, East Kalimantan - Indonesia

    Bridge canopy (canopy bridge) is the main attraction while enjoying tours in the forest at Bukit Bangkirai Samboja District, Kutai, East Kalimantan. Bukit Bangkirai managed Inhutani offers the charm of a natural tropical rain forest.

    At the top of the hill there is a bridge that connects the five canopy trees that still grow big Bangkirai. Suspension bridge made of wire, base boards and walls of the left-right with netting or nylon rope net. Height of the bridge approximately 30 feet from the ground, with a total length of 64 meters. Each tree distance from one another on average less than 10-15 meters.

    The bridge is the first editorial in Indonesia, both in Asia and the eighth in the world. Its construction is made of experts from the United States within a month, January-February 1998. The bridge was designed specifically with wood and stainless steel so strong that an estimated 15-20 years.

    The road to the bridge is not so tiring. Even so, himpunlah stamina and concentration and guts enough before boarding. Travelers climbed the tower is made to rotate as well as rolling door. Based on calculations Tribunnews, stair towers reach 139 sheets of thick board.

    If you are tired to climb the tower, you can rest. Each round of available ground floor, as well as suitable locations take pictures with the background of large trees.

    Arriving at the top of the tower, you will see a suspension bridge, which was tied securely to the tree-trunks. It takes guts. And for those of you who phobia at altitude should not try, because as they travel over the bridge sway slightly. When you have unanimous determination, stick rigidly to the steel cables supporting the bridge.

    The reason this shake too, so the manager forbids tourists crossing the bridge when the wind is blowing hard, exceeding speeds of 30 miles per hour.

    Trips to natural forest Bangkarai Hill does not make up bag deflated. Ticket prices climbed to Rp 15,000 for the bridge canopy domestic travelers. Meanwhile, foreign travelers pegged Rp 30,000, double the price of domestic tickets.

    If you want to in groups, 300 meters before the bridge location, available lodging, houses on stilts out of wood. The houses are rented lodgings, vary with prices starting at USD 400 thousand.

    Create a nature lovers, camping in the area is very suitable. There is a flat grassy square field size of approximately 20 X 50 meters, has been fenced wood.

    Source: Kompas.com

    photo: sweetykd.wordpress.com

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    Bukit Bangkirai Map

    Bukit Bangkirai Video

    Video by: juniardhietube
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