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    Maratua Island, East Kalimantan - Indonesia

    Who knew Maratua Island? In fact, not every citizen of East Kalimantan has ever heard the name of the island. One of maratuathe outer islands of Indonesia, located in Berau was hardly ever mentioned. The island is inhabited by 3,000 people Bajao tribe, it is not widely known by the people of Indonesia, probably because considered not important, but the island is one of the “porch” Indonesia.

    Island `U` shaped it, said to be a garden of foreign tourists and divers dream, because the cluster of small islands on the island of Maratua, storing various marine tourism potential, including the beauty of marine life. Maratua Island in the Bajau community – purporting to be from the Philippines – referred to as `or` Malatua Wood Tuba, a type of toxic wood commonly used by local fishermen in catching fish. “Maratua Island has a beach and nature are quite beautiful . It’s just so far not managed optimally, “said Head Maratua, Khudarat.

    Maratua In the middle of the island, there are 14 small islands and the only two islands that have been managed, and even then managed by foreign companies namely Germany and Malaysia. Two existing resorts on the island of Maratua owned by PT. Paradise (Malaysia) and PT. Nabuko, Germany-based company. The diversity of the underwater ecosystem on the island of Maratua be one attraction of tourists, both domestic and foreign.

    “The beauty of the underwater panorama on the Island Maratua also as a place of green turtles lay eggs and the habitat of stingrays main attraction for tourists. In fact, many tourists who come just to do a dive, just to see the third highest diversity of coral reefs in the world after the Raja Ampat and Salamon, “said Khudarat. Not only to save the beauty of the sea and beaches, the island Maratua Khudarat word also has a very natural beauty unique compared to other islands in Indonesia.

    Cluster of mountains and forests stretch along the island Maratua be one source of livelihood Bajau tribe who inhabit these islands. “stretch vast forests produce wood that became one of the raw material for making boats for fishermen. well as hills bebetuan Begit in this Maratua Island, became one source of life that produce fresh water for the community, “said Head Maratua. For years Khudarat said, Maratua seems to be a forgotten island. “Previous Maratua Island is like an island dianaktirikan. But after sticking Ambalat case, the island is instantly receive attention.

    See for yourself, now there are health centers, the Office of Police and Koramil, “he said. “If the first, the citizens are very rarely saw the plane, but now the aircraft are often passed on or Maratua Island, “said Khudarat. Marauder Philippines In the 1980s, said Head Maratua, Khudarat, robbers from Mindanao, the Philippines often plundered and even killed around the island Maratua. “In the 1980s, the atmosphere is very tense because of the robbers from the Philippines often come and seize property in the community. In fact, one resident was killed Maratua Island and is currently the name of the people that made ​​the name of the street on the island of Maratua, “he said.

    “However, since the existence of the Office of Police and Koramil, the robbers never again interfere with community, “said Khudarat. Life community on the island Maratua Khudarat said it’s been a lot better. “Maratua Island Residents want only the government’s attention to their economic life could be better. It is most needed ie, venture capital support and assistance both as a fisherman to some people who run the activity as a maker of boats, “he said. During this time, many residents on the island that runs Maratua flying businesses by making the vessel.

    However, wood raw material for many on the island of Maratua which became the basic ingredient of making the boat was scarce, so they are difficult to continue the business. Thus, the boat makers expect any help from the government for their activities could still walk, “said Head Maratua. For Maratua Island boat makers, venture capital became a very big expectations. “Before the wood is prohibited, we still easily obtain raw materials to make a boat, “he said. One boat can do them no later than three months, but since the wood is difficult to come by, they had to order it from outside. IBHS lower quality than the original wood Maratua. Scarcity of raw materials led to the manufacture of the boat was to be done up to eight months even up to one year.

    “So, we hope, the government can provide solutions so that we remain able to perform this job,” said Ramli, a resident of the Island Maratua. Citizen’s outer islands are generally the fate of fishermen who rely on fish catches also expect special attention to the relevant government illegal fishing. “Once, before there are fishermen who use bombs and poison to catch fish, our earnings far labih good. But now, sometimes we have to fight over the location with the fishermen bombers and poisoning the fish, we often do not even work involved action-chase with them, “said Ramli.

    They also hope the government can order the fishermen who catch fish bombs and poison, because in addition to being one of us the causes of declining revenues may also damage the marine ecosystem around the island that became the pride of our Maratua far. Vice Regent of Berau, Muhammad Rivai admit, Maratua Island has the potential of marine and nature that can be a maritime tourist attraction in East Kalimantan. “However, during this, the existence of Maratua Island communities have not widely known in Indonesia and we hope through this program Derawan Sail 2013 that can be launched by the Governor of East Kalimantan islands became one of the attractions that could attract tourists, “said Muhammad Rivai.

    Source: maritimeborneo.com

    photo: nabucconow.com

    photo by Pawel Kofinski
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