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    Dua Island as Bird Island in Banten - Indonesia

    Dua Island (Pulau Dua) is the name of a small nature preservation inhabited by some 50 kinds of fish-eating birds. It is located in the Banten bay and is accessible by boat from Tanjung Priok sea harbor or from Marina, Ancol.

    Off the north coast at Banten, Pulau Dua is one of Indonesia’s major bird sanctuaries, where more than 50,000 birds stop over during the winter or breeding season. Among these migratory creatures include egrets, ibis, teals, kingfishers and pelicans, while herons, storks and cormorants are some of the permanent residents. These birds originated from Africa, Asia and Australia and stay on this island to lay and hatch their eggs during April through August each year and fly back home afterwards. Little wonder, then, that this natural heaven is also known as Pulau Burung (Bird Island). The island is a hop away from Banten old town and can be accessed by walking on the shoal during low tide. The visitors can take a boat to get there quickly and safely.

    It’s a half-hour trip by chartered boat from the Karanghantu harbour in Banten, but you can walk across the fish ponds (via bridges) to the island. From Banten, take an public transportation 5km east to Sawahluhur village. The trail to the island starts 100m or so before the village and then it’s a hot 1km walk, weaving between the fish ponds – just keep heading for the trees on the horizon. There is a PHKA post with a derelict hut that has bare wooden beds and not much else. If you are planning to stay, bring food and water.

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    Dua Island - A Paradise For Bird Lovers

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