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    Baron Beach Gunungkidul Yogyakarta - Central Java

    Baron Beach is situated in Gunungkidul Regency, precisely in Kemadang Village, Tanjungsari District. Just as the other beaches in the southern coastal edge of Yogyakarta, the waves in Baron are huge at times so tourists should not cross the given safe line and must be careful in the water.

    The beach is actually a bay surrounded by two headlands on its right and left. The brown sand spreads along the shore. Upon the shore, there are boats facing the land. The boats just arrive from the sea or are in a rest when it is not the time for fishing. Baron Beach has become a quay for the fishermen.

    Along the way to Baron, there is naturally exotic scenery of villages. Hills, farmlands, and green landscapes would be some kind of refreshments. Driving in the narrow windy road could in fact be an enjoyable experience.

    You can swimming as long as it does not cross the safe line because somehow, the waves could be huge any time. There tourists can have a sand play, enjoying having sticky bodies because of the sea water, and feeling the breeze which is sometimes quite strong. Having done playing in the water, tourists can take a bath at an underground spring, which is very refreshing. Unlike usual rivers, this river is relatively untouched as it is situated underground.

    Playing with sand and water is fun. But it will not be complete without savoring the seafood. There are food stalls in the beach that have various kinds of seafood at relatively low prices. Tourists can also buy fishes in the Fish Auction Market and cook them themselves. The fishes, of course, are still fresh.

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