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    Visiting Aloe Vera Center Pontianak, North Pontianak

    If you come to Pontianak, you should visit Aloe Vera Center. Aloe Vera Center is located at Budi Utomo Street, exactly in Siantan Hulu, North Pontianak. It’s not far just need 15 minutes from Pontianak city. From Kapuas station, you can ride public transportation Siantan Downstream major.

    Aloe Vera Center is a place where the cultivation of aloe vera plant. It’s cool place that must be visited with your friends or families. Here, you can find Aloe with giant size. Just imagine, every bark can weigh 1.2 kilograms. You also can see the processing of these crops into various products of aloe. In Pontianak, Aloe Vera is known as ‘Lidah Buaya’. On 1990, Aloe Vera was cultivated. Aloe Vera was built on 2002. In this area, we can see how Aloe Vera is made into flour and various snacks and drinks such as dodol and chips of Aloe Vera. And also Aloe Vera is made for cosmetic products such as Aloe Vera mask, Aloe Vera shampoo and tooth paste.

    Aloe Vera is a plant that had been used for centuries ago to multiples purpose. Since 4.000 years ago,the benefits of Aloe Vera had been known for curing diseases because in the leaf contains a lot nutrients.

    In Aloe Vera Center, there is also the cultivation of orchid including black orchid from Kalimantan that rare to be found now. Before going home, you can also buy a variety of processed products was as souvenirs for your friends and family at home.

    Contact us:
    JL. Budi Utomo, No. 29, 78243, Indonesia
    +62 561 887017
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