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    Beautiful Tolire Lake in Ternate - Indonesia

    Tolire is a name of a two beautiful lakes in Ternate. Tolire lake is located on the foot of Mount Gamalama, the highest volcano in north Maluku. It consists of two lakes, the larger Tolire Besar and the smaller Tolire Kecil lake with a distance between them of around 200 metres. The shape of Tolire lake is like a big cup and has a depth of around 50 m but the local people believe that the depth is way more than that. Tolire lake have direct connection to the sea.

    Tolire Lake has mythical famous there is something weird at Tolire lake is that if we throw stone into the lake, it will not touch the bottom. You can try it if you don't believe this fact. But there are special techniques so that the stones can reach the lake water, which had to throw a stone at full power and very far away. Until this time the depth of Lake Tolire is unknown. Reportedly there are many metal objects like jewelry that many sunk on Tolire lake. In addition, there are also crocodile white in Tolire lake. But only certain people can see the crocodiles.

    The scenery at Tolire lake is beautiful with clean water and green trees and the mountain range of Gunung Gamalama in the back. You can't fish there because local people believe that Tolire lake is occupied by invisible crocodile.

    Image source: www.sayamotret.com
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    gak nyangka Indo bisa keren gini yah..

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