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    Beautiful Soge Beach Pacitan, East Java

    Soge Beach is wonderful and beautiful beach in Pacitan. It is very interesting because this beach is right on the highway. It is located in the village of Sidomulyo, Ngadirojo Subdistrict. This beach is on the southern side of the Trails East of the town of Pacitan. Because the street is not perfect, one choice there by rent car or motorbike, because the area where it is rare in public transportation pass. From the town of Pacitan traveled 2 hours drive car. His route, the city eastward, continuing to Sub Tulakan, go along to the Subdistrict Ngadirojo, usually called Lorok, continue on in the direction of the market or market Wiyoro Lorok, then until find three-junction to left towards PLTU or Trenggalek, we are towards the right, the whole way we would see beaches such as Beach Park, beach, after that Tawang hold up in the village of Sidomulyo. After reaching the village, along the coast road on the left that Beach Soge.

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