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    Manakarra Beach Mamuju, West Sulawesi

    In the City of Mamuju, capital of West Sulawesi province, there is a place for a fairly busy travel visited by the tourists, namely Manakarra Coast region. This beach is part of the Gulf of Mamuju, Batu Harbor is a place that became the central nexus in the City of Mamuju.

    For local communities, Cote Manakarra identical to hangout or gathering of young people. But many also came to visit the beach for recreation with family. Seeing the high interest from visitors to this coast, West Sulawesi Provincial Government plans to develop the region as one Manakarra Coast tourism mainstay in the province.

    Since the long beach famous Manakarra as "Losarinya" (Losari Makassar) Mamuju. It is no exaggeration, considering the Beach Manakarra really have an enchanting panoramic beauty of the beach. Exotic scenery is charming with increased background Karampuang island that lay in plain sight.

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    Manakarra Beach on the night, the beach is adorned with lights flashing red ferry boat that will go to Port Mamuju and that will be heading to Aberdeen. Illumination is much more fun when interspersed with coffee or enjoy the warmth of the fresh fruit is served in coconut stalls along the beach.

    An annual event held at Beaches Manakarra usually held on the Anniversary of Mamuju and independence days there in August. In the year 2007, for example, never held a party of eight tonnes of fish, grilled fresh fish over the coals of fire along the 4300 meters at this beach. In addition, in August also commonly held boat races that began in Côte Sandeq Manakarra and ends at Losari (Southeast Sulawesi). In the boat race Sandeq, this beach will be crowded by competitors and spectators who come from various regions in Indonesia and even from abroad.

    Along the shore, there are stalls that sell various foods and beverages, such as soup, fried rice, grilled fish, grilled chicken, soft drinks, and various other foods. As for lodging, on the beach is not yet available hotels and inns. However, for tourists who want to enjoy the sunrise should bring equipment for camping tents around this beach.

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