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    Kayoa Island is the Perfect Island in North Maluku

    Kayoa island is one of the perfect island in Indonesia, because it has beautiful sea with the crystal clear sea water west side of Halmahera.

    Kayoa island is an island in the region of Maluku Utara, the country of Indonesia with an average elevation of 1 meter above sea level. The area is mildly densely populated with 444 people per km2. The nearest town larger than 50,000 inhabitants takes about six until seven hour by local transportation.

    Kayoa island is attract the attention of tourists because in almost every island has a variety of beautiful coral and marine biota as well as various types of fish whose numbers quite a lot. In this archipelago, the island most often visited by tourists in the island Gura Ici Lelei and around the island because it has a beautiful white sand and beautiful marine park.

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    Access to get there:

    Access to get Kayoa Island is quite easy, the track can be reached by two routes, from Ternate or Labuha, the capital of South Halmahera.
    From Ternate, the visitors can use motorboat or speedboat that is everyday serve with the price 100,000 IDR/person. Beside that offers the ferry boat twice a week.

    From Labuha, available motorboat and speedboat that also serve every day from Labuha to Kayoa with the price 100.000 IDR/person. Besides the visitors can rent speedboat by the agreement.

    Access from outside of Malut to Ternate is very clear. There is regular flight everyday, beside there is passenger ship owned by PT.Pelni that stop in Ternate port every Sunday.

    To get Labuha can be reach by boat from Ternate to Babang with the price 120,000 IDR to motor boat and 150,000 IDR to speedboat or by plane from Ternate to Labuha three times a week.

    For Accommodation and stay in Kayoa Island is available, there is some cottages and homestay to spend your time in this Kayoa Island. In Kayoa Island, many stalls set aside some foods and drinks.
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