Soya-soya Dance is dance background events in the history of Ternate, the government created during Babullah Sultan (Sultan of Ternate-24), namely when the Sultan Babullah stormed the Portuguese Fort Kastela (Paolo Pedro St.) to retrieve the body of his father, Sultan Khairun brutally murdered by the Portuguese army in the fortress. Patriotism-themed dance that was created by the artists of the empire to dedicate the historic event. This dance is also a reflection of society Kayoa history of struggle in South Halmahera. The word ‘soya-soya’ itself means ‘spirit of abstinence’ which has been around since hundreds of years ago. It is a heroic dance to welcome the troops after the fighting on the battlefield.

Nowadays Soya-soya dance only displayed to welcome the guest of honor or of the empire, like the Presidents. Ternate government makes dance soya-soya as tourism attraction that can be enjoyed by tourist when visited Ternate. You can also enjoy this dance in Cultural Festival in Ternate as opening Legu Gam.